What Clients Say

“In a real estate market that is still very unstable with all odds against a seller, Claudia was able to sell 3 of my properties by being persistent and relentlessly putting together the right opportunity for both buyer and seller. Claudia has surpassed our expectations, she is an excellent realtor! Hands down she did an excellent job.”
Richard Glazer
“Ariel has conducted himself in a professional manner, represented the facts honestly, and demonstrated that he can artfully negotiate our interests with the various parties involved in a Miami real estate transaction.”
Ed and Judy Daniels
“Ariel proved he is an expert in the real estate market by being relentless in finding a way to close on our complicated deal. His knowledge was greatly appreciated in the closing of our transaction.”
Victor Hernandez
“Though I already own properties in New York City, I had no idea about the commercial real estate sales process in Florida. Ariel and Claudia went the extra mile to ensure I understood every step of the way, and for that I’m eternally grateful.”
William Batista
“It has been a pleasure to work with Ariel and Claudia. They work diligently to facilitate a fast transaction. My job would be a lot easier if there was more real estate agents that worked as professional as they do.”
Monique Peña, Staff Manager at Alvarez Barbara, LLP
“I am very grateful for the entire Trajan Investments team. After reviewing their market analysis, I was comfortable with the listing price I had set for my property. After their marketing, we received multiple offers. I was able to choose the best one, which I felt lead to a quick closing. They were very professional throughout the entire process. I will definitely recommend them.”
Michael Cordova
“Ariel Diaz has demonstrated drive, knowledge and professionalism from day one. He is a type of person you like to be around and he cares about what he does and his customers. Ariel has a happy charismatic personality, which takes him far. I have referred customers to Ariel and will continue to do so.”
Kimberly Reed
“It is honestly difficult to put into words just how great Trajan Investment is. It is because of their outstanding services. On top of that they are very professional, polite, honest and incredibly helpful throughout the process. They are always protecting your interests no matter what and you end up spending less money (in my case when leasing and then buying property). Thinking of any investments? Think of Claudia & Ariel.”
Eva Paglialonga-Novotna
“Trajan Investments, Inc. did a fabulous job with the sale of my commercial property. Ariel Diaz originally contacted me to inquire if I was interested in selling the property, because he had an investor that was interested. I was hesitant because I receive calls every week with the same story and it turned out that they just wanted to list my property. Ariel was different. He did actually have a specific investor and within 48 hours we had negotiated a price and signed a contract. Ariel was very involved thoughout the entire process, communicating with attorneys and making sure that everything was done on time and on track for the closing date. We actually closed earlier than planned. Ariel was courteous, professional and always available if I had any questions or needed assistance with an issue. I would highly recommend him to any owner who is looking to sell their property, or to any investor looking to purchase.”
Yvette Frison