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Why invest in Warehouses? Well for several reasons, but a main one is…
The Panama Canal Expansion Project. This is the first major renovation the canal has undergone since its opening in 1914, a milestone that will have a major impact on the global trade industry, and specifically, the way cargo is handled and transported throughout North America. The Panama Canal expansion is scheduled to open in 2016 and the deepening of Miami’s seaport has already begun to accommodate the larger ships expected to be used. Additionally, a new fast access tunnel connects the PortMiami directly to the United States Interstate Highway System providing rapid turnaround time for the movement of import and export goods. With enormous ships going directly to the East Coast there will be a growing demand for speedy distribution services, and that means a substantial real estate benefit for East Coast ports. With PortMiami currently being the only sea port south of Virginia capable of handling fully laden post Panamax vessels and land being scarce; the demand for industrial land and warehouses large enough to handle the massive import cargo is climbing sharply. Miami is already known around the world for its multiculturalism and global business center, soon it will also be recognized as a major logistics hub.
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